Choosing Which Bottles To Use

Choosing Which Bottles To Use

April 18, 2009 Off By mommyheadvr74zz

You don’t think much about baby bottles, until you have a little one who doesn’t like the bottles you bought. However, this is one of those questions that no one except your baby can really answer. But I thought I’d share what worked for my kids. I remember going to register for the baby shower and walking down the baby isle thinking “I have no clue!!”

My husband and I registered for a variety of brands and models and thought if we get a mix for the shower hopefully one will work. This is your best strategy. Too many times I’ve seen baby registries that have 10+ of the same bottle. The chances of that one bottle you picked out being your babies choice are slim.

Of all the different brands of bottles we had, our daughter would only use the Evenflo Comfi. We had also tried Platex, Avent, you name it, but they all had a wider rim and different nipple, more square, which she did not like at all. The Evenflo Comfi was her one and only choice. Overall, we had no problems and liked the bottles. It has a easy grip strip that works good for both mom and baby. The curved design of it also was really nice, especially when she started holding her own bottle. The bottle has been very durable. Ours have gone through multiple upon multiple of washings and were still in great shape a year later. We did have 2 that the threads cracked, but like I said, we really put them to the test. Plus, Evenflo Comfi nipple’s and tops worked on many of the other brands of bottles to, so if you needed to borrow someone elses due to any kind of reason you could easily without disrupting your baby’s normal routine.

Now, to exaggerate the point of choosing a bottle being your baby’s decision, our son. Now could he possibly like the bottles we have so many of from his sister. Of course not! He was the complete opposite of his sister. His bottle of choice was Avent Naturals. With the wider rim and more square nipple. His bottles were also a bit more expensive, but overall I have no complaints about the Avent bottles. I really liked the smaller, wider size of the bottle itself. Yeah, they looked funny with only 2 – 4 ounces in them, but they worked all the way up to 9 ounces, so I wasn’t buying different sizes of bottles as he grew either.

So, moral of the story, if you’re planning on bottle feeding, whether its formula or breast milk, have a variety of bottles ready when you bring baby home. They’ll let you know which one they want to use!