Homemade Baby Wipes Recipe

Homemade Baby Wipes Recipe

July 29, 2009 Off By mommyheadvr74zz

This recipe for homemade baby wipes has not only been a huge money saver, but a great health benefit for my children. I have used this homemade recipe since my daughter was born and continued to use it after the birth of my son. My baby girl has only had diaper rash once and this was because day care ran out of the baby wipes I supplied them and forgot to tell me. It is an extremely simple recipe plus it is quick and simple!

Ingredients Needed:

Bounty Paper Towel (Must be Bounty)
Baby Hair and Body Wash (Generic brands work fine)
Baby Oil
1 – 21 cup, 5 Liter Tupperware Container

Cut the Bounty paper towel in half and remove the cardboard center. Place both rolls in the bottom of the container. In a measuring cup, combine 3 cups water (sometimes I add a little extra), 3 tablespoons of baby hair and body wash and 3 tablespoons of baby oil. Stir together. Pour the soapy mixture over the two rolls of paper towel, cover and let be overnight. By morning you have homemade baby wipes ready to go!! *note if you have a baby with sensitive skin, use the hypoallergenic baby wash and baby oil.

You must use Bounty paper towel. Other brands are too soft and become mush. If you would like to make half a roll, instead of halving the recipe, use 1 cup of water, 1 tablespoon of baby wash and 1 tablespoon of baby oil. If you simply halve the recipe it seems the wipes are too wet. I have a smaller Tupperware container (6 cup, 1.4L) for making half of a roll, which fits perfect in a diaper bag. You can either pull the wipes off like a toilet paper roll, or you can stand the rolls up and pull the wipes from the center. If the wipes start to get a little dry, just add a little more water.

By watching for deals on Bounty paper towel and purchasing the generic body wash and baby oil these wipes are a huge money saver compared to purchased wipes. You can also find coupons for baby wash and baby oil which can also help you save money. Plus, you have the satisfaction of a happy baby who may not have to deal with diaper rash.